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What Bag To Carry with your Look? Tips 2020

Updated: May 17

Many of the girls don't believe in carrying that big bags with them, Specially those who belong to the rural areas, because somewhere they feel Hesitate to carry that look in a small areas. But Why Girls?....Having tons of clothes for carrying different looks daily is like a normal thing but having more than ten bags is like an overkill. Every outfits needs a bag that go with the look at the same time and which helps to make the look more shiny perfect and complete. But many of the people don't even care about matching up the look, but why? i think you should.

Why should i carry a Bag?

well ! if you carry a bag it just not only makes your look more effective but also shows your managing and responsive personality. if you carry your stuff in your hand, trust me it will look very bad and childish, but if you carry your stuff properly in your bag , it shows how much you are carrying and responsible about your things and also how you organize them properly. It also shows a sense of maturity.

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Bags you can carry with your formals

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Office is a place where you should be simple, casual and descent with your looks. when you go to the office, you have many things to carry such as Mac Books, files etc for which you need a structured bag that is made up of a durable material and that is descent in look and also have multiple compartments and pockets at the same time so that you can organize your belongings properly and it also helps you to find them in an instant. the two handles and one shoulder straps make it easy to carry. what else we need?... this bags add class to your look as well.

with the casual looks

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When you are heading to outside and need a bag to carry your stuffs and essentials along with you, a cross body bag will be the best choice for you. This bags are comfortable to carry and look cool with your casuals as well. You can carry this bags easily across the body or simply over the shoulders, no need to engage your hands while walking (unless you are carrying a shopping bag) and enjoy your hands free walk. This bags are the best choice for the travelers because your hands are free to click some beautiful pictures with the camera,

Color theory is always be the essential thing when we talk about the fashion. When you are in a casual look, always make sure to go with the bright colors. Color be like cherry Red, Parrot Green, Bright Yellow etc. The reason behind this is that bright colors are always be the sign of energy and shine and this colors will add more energy to your Look as well.

Bag for your comfort

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A backpack are the most comfortable to carry because this bags are easy to carry over the shoulders and also it distributes the weights between the two shoulders which is a bonus. This bags are mostly recommended to the travelers, as they need a bag that is enough to carry there all belongings and also hands free and easy to carry for long journey as well. Now a days we can see there are many trendy backpacks are coming which are so cool to carry with your look and make it more even better.

Backpacks are the most comfortable and most consistent in the field as it can be carry with many of the looks like with formals as many office people go with it to carry their laptops, with the casuals, with skirts (for a chic look) and many more.

For Evening Parties

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Evening time is the time when you can't go with a simple casual look, you have to carry a classy look something like shinny or plain. When there is something special occasions like friends party, receptions or even you are going on a date, for that clutches are the best choice to go with. They are easy to carry even in your palm and also light in weight, so you can carry your belongings along with you easily.

If you are buying clutches , then invest in Black White Golden and Silver colors as they are the common colors that can be matched up with any of your dress. For evening time, shinny clutches are the best as they shine in the dark and make your look more attractive.

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