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Vintage is the New Love.

Updated: Jul 29

Add more class to your look by adding the vintage flavor to it.

Its been so long to buy that retro style pants shirts and hats that were so popular at that time. The dresses our mother's and grannies used to carry was just amazing. As a fashionista, I was so amused with that vintage's, not only that time but still, I love that vintage looks. I still try to find that retro outfits and carry it with my look because the vintage outfits always give you a classy look. If you are also a vintage fashionista then go and buy the same and carry it with your look, but hold on! if you are not good with DIY then I will suggest you to not to try because it can be turn into a big wardrobe malfunction

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What is vintage fashion?

The term vintage is used for the early 90"s. Vintage fashion is all about the trends and fashion that is followed up by the early 90"s people. The retro styles mostly followed by the bell-bottom pants, skirts, balloon tops, umbrella cut maxi"s and so more. As the passage of time, the fashion trends are changing within the seconds and that results in so difference between the vintage styles and the trends nowadays.

So what about modern vintage fashion?

Modern vintage fashion is a great alternative nowadays to go more stylish and classic with the look. Basically, it is the combination of high street fashion and some retroes. This combination of elegance and style makes it more different from the others. If you love to carry different styles and want to add more class to your look, then just go ahead with this classy combination.

But Don't Hurry! when we are talking about Modern vintage fashion, it is very much important to mix up the right classics and oldies with the right modern and trendy's, too much classic will make you look like an old fashioned. here are some retro fashion outfits that are ruling nowadays.

1. Bell-bottom pants

After a long Era of skinny jeans, the Bell bottoms have come and ruling the streets nowadays. Bell bottoms are the pants that are the symbol of the 70's and 80's Era. Basically, these are the kind of trouser's that become wider from the knees to the downward.'s, forming a bell-like shape. This bell bottoms are getting more and more popular now a day's.

These flared trousers are designed in such a way that it provides a slim and tall look to whoever carries this. The pants with wider bottoms look more classy and stylish. I personally like bell-bottoms because nothing makes women look slim, tall, and classy as the Bell bottom pants. These pants are so versatile that it can be wear for any purpose for formals, street styles, party wear, and casuals.

In today's Time, it is very difficult to find that 70's and 80's look. But still, there are many sites that deal in retro's only and provides you the best vintage outfits of many varieties. The following sites you can go with to buy that vintage outfits easily:

1. unique Vintage

2. Closet London

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