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Top Luxury Handbag You should Own 2020

Updated: Jun 28

Luxury Handbags are something that every girl dream to have to uplift their look with a luxurious touch. The appeal of this luxury handbags never fades. We have seen many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities walk on the red carpets with these luxury handbags and we also get inspired by the way they carry it. So, it is not only about having a good branded bag, but it is also about the way you carry it.

Owning a Luxury Branded handbag is not about displaying financial status, but it is about your own personal choices and style and the way you want to project yourself. A handbag should be chosen according to the look. if you are spending your money on luxury branded handbags, then be wise and choose a look that matches you. Here are some Luxury Brands that are known for their Handbags.

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Louis Vuitton

As the name is enough. Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house and luxury retail company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The company is not only known for its designer bags but also known for its stylish fashion goods. The Louis Vuitton brand was promoted by Angeline Jolie.


Every girl dream's to walk with a Chanel Bag. It is one of the famous brand's all over the world. The brand was founded by Gabrielle coco channel. The CC logo on the bag is just enough to recognize the luxury brand.

Saint Laurent

The Yves Saint Laurent bags are so stylish and luxurious in look that every fashionista dream to have it with them. The leather bags with Y.S.L branding are very classy in look and they come with very easy to carry handles.


The brand Gucci can easily be recognized by the red and green colored strip on the product. Gucci is an Italian brand that is known for its luxurious fashionable goods. The brand is so famous that it is also worn by Queen Elizabeth.

Lady Dior

This colorful thread work bag with gold D.I.O.R branding is from the luxury fashion house DIOR. The brand is so famous that it is used by many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. The bag was also gifted to Princess Diana and the brand was promoted by Natalie Portman.

Hermes Paris

The Hermes is also known for its leather sophisticated bags that are so comfortable to carry and very high class in look. We have seen many celebrities matching up their look with these Hermes bags. The leather bags are known as Kelly bags.

Bottega Veneta

The Bottega Veneta is an Italian brand that was founded in the years 1966. The Luxury fashion house is known for its leather weave design which is called as "intrecciato", which is used outside of the product. Many celebrities are the customers of this fashion brand all over the world.

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