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Things You Don't Know About ZARA

We all love to do shopping from our favorite Brand stores, But have you ever thought about the history of these brand stores? How did they start? How they became a huge success? If you don't know then worry not, this post will help you with that. Read this article to know more about one of the Biggest Clothing Brands, Zara.

Zara is the most popular and affordable Spanish Brand. The first Zara store opened in 1975 in Galicia, Spain. The brand was created by Amancio Ortega and his ex-wife, Rosalía Mera. The brand is a part of a larger retail group and generated revenue of $ 15.9 billion individually in 2016. The brand was founded on the foundation of creating versions of high-end looks at affordable prices.

  • Zara was originally called Zorba, The very first Zara store opened in Caruna, Spain in 1975. After the Zara store was opened they realized, a bar two streets away had the same name. They had to vary their original name after they discovered a close-by bar had the identical name and would prove confusing. They used the lettering and added a spare 'a' to make "Zara".

  •  Zara's founder, Amancio Ortega is that the richest man in Europe and also the second richest billionaire within the world, With a net worth of 71.9 billion dollars. The 80-year-old Amancio Ortega founded Zara together with his ex-wife in 1975. He owns the Inditex group the world's biggest fashion group Which is in 91 international markets. His fortune is entirely self-made Working as a shirt maker and developing his own designs reception along with his wife. Their designs became a multi-billion dollar retail business.

  • Rosalía Mera, the ex-wife of Amancio Ortega was the foremost successful self- made woman of Spain.  She was the richest woman in the world while she was alive.

  • Amancio Ortega was the richest man in the world but only for one morning. Ortega is extremely wealthy as we already know, but he couldn't sustain that position for long. He briefly held the highest spot on the 23rd of October 2015 with the online worth of 79 billion dollars, but Bill Gates beat him again within a few hours.

  • Half of Zara's products are still made within the brand's home country of Spain. Zara sites are established within the Spanish region of Galicia and their staff is paid a wage, which is rare within the retail industry. 

  • Zara launches 12,000 new designs per annum. Zara was first conceived as a brand that might provide cheap fast fashion which has definitely remained in the middle of what Zara does. Their business model is predicated on producing new looks as quickly as possible with an in-depth eye on the Catwalk for inspiration.

  •  Zara has become the most important retailer within the world to arrange to get obviate toxic chemicals from its supply chain and products. Greenpeace started trying to convince Zara to ban toxins from its production in 2011 and it took Zara just nine days to agree to their scheme. they decide to eliminate toxicity from all stages of their production by the year 2020. 

  • Zara spent 324 million dollars on a store space in the big apple City. Zara's American Flagship store is at the coveted address of 666 boulevards. they're in an exceedingly great company next to Saks Fifth Avenue And just some units far from one amongst the foremost famous stores within the world Tiffany's.

  • It only takes 15 days for a Zara garment to travel from the designing stage to the store. Ortega transforms his retail business model within the 1980s, to form it much faster. He changed every aspect of the planning, manufacturing, and distribution process so the style he sold could be instant, and other people could access trends Quicker. The industry average is six months.

  •   You have never seen Zara advertise on TV because The brand encompasses a policy that does not include advertising. They view it as a wasting revenue so that they invest money into opening new stores instead. Their Swift production to store Model also implies that they ensure shoppers visit their store more regularly than other brands, to test what new stock has arrived.

  •   Zara has calendar fire on twofold for producing items that appeared anti-semitic in 2007. Zara took a handbag off the shelves because it has a Swastika design on it. They also removed a children's pajama, top from their stores in 2014 because it gave the impression to have a yellow star of David's and blue stripes, making it resemble the uniform of Jewish concentration camp prisoners. Zara apologized and is probably keeping a way closer eye on their suppliers from now on.

  •   Zara's warehouse is nine times bigger than Amazon's. We have heard much about how huge Amazon's stock fulfillment warehouses are, but Zara has beaten them by an extended way. Zara's warehouse is 5 Million Square feet, which is nine time's bigger than Amazon's on average.

  • Amancio Ortega, the 80-year-old may be one among the richest men in the world, But he still likes to do lunch in Zara's staff cafeteria every single day. Ortega now includes a non-executive position on the board at Zara and Owns about 60% of Zara's parent company into decks. he's also very private and never gives interviews.

  •   Even Royal's love, The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton could be a fan of the Spanish retail giant. She was photographed on the red carpet wearing a Zara necklace, and that is the highest praise for a brand. She has access to the crown jewels.

  •  Zara's window displays are mocked up in their Spanish headquarters. The beauty of Zara's store is extreme, they plan out all of their window displays Before they send their clothes to resolute individual stores, With a life-sized street inside their humungous headquarters, they first see how their display's look.

  •  No photos of Amancio Ortega were available until 1999. Amancio Ortega Zara's Founder likes to live a normal lifestyle. Nobody really knows when his birthday is. He loved to wear an identical blue Blazer and white shirt and apparently prefers a straightforward lifestyle.

  •  Revolutionary and innovative Zara has truly changed the way affordable fashion works. Their unique model is the fastest within the retail business, allowing them to distribute high-fashion looks to their customers at top speed. No wonder their founder is so ridiculously wealthy. Zara produces 12,000 new designs per annum so you're spoiled for choice after you step into their store.

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