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8 Rules To Make a Great First Impression.

Updated: Jul 29

You never get a second chance to Make a Great First Impression.

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Is it True, that First Impression is the deciding one?

Yes, it is true! The very first few seconds when our eyes see a person, an image instantly start creating in our minds, that we call "First Impression" and this first few seconds are the deciding one. Think, You are in an event or in a meeting and if you don't know how to act, then trust me, No one will entertain you. If you want to make your First Impression Effective and make your presence feel, then Follow this Rules:

1. Well, Dressed-

Now, this is the most basic but one of the most important Rule, What you have wear and How you Look matter's a lot. Style is something that makes you shine in the crowd. The first thing anyone Notice about you is how well you are Dressed Up, If you succeed in attracting people towards you with your Looks, Then Trust me you have done 40% of your work.

But What if somebody is not well Dressed?

Well, When you Look good, you feel confident and make a good impact, But if somebody is not Dressed up well, then he will be Lost in the crowd and Being not Dressed up well somewhere is the sign of Laziness and Lack of Energy which creates a bad impact on others.

2. Body Language-

Now, This is Important, Not every time you will get a chance to talk verbally, In that case, Let your Body Language Talk. Always make sure that your Body Posture should be confident and nicely carried. No matter you are in the market, mall or anywhere in the world, always Stand Straight and always Sit Properly, because somewhere between those 100's or 1000's of peoples someone is noticing you, Maybe for a second, But make that one Second Count.

3. Facial Expressions-

"A Blank Face says Nothing". To have a good Facial Expression is very much important to make your Personality shinier. Always be aware of your Expressions. No matter where you are, it is very much important to have a good and positive Expressions on your face. Always remember, Expressions reflects your inner Visions. What you feel inside can only be express through your Facial Expressions. Always have a curved smile on your face, Because a smile is the only thing that represents Positivity and Positivity is the only thing towards which people Attract most.

4. Greetings-

Now, this is the first time when you personally connect with the person for the first time. It is extremely important to make this first meet more impressive because if you don't know where to start with, then Trust me your all previous efforts are not worth it.

But, Where to start with?

If you want to make a good impression then start with the Greetings Like Good Morning! Good Evening! etc. with a confident Handshake. After Greetings and handshake start interacting with the person. Have a curved smile on your face and start Humbly by asking some general questions like their Name, How they are, About their work, etc. and also let them know you by telling something about yourself as well. One more thing, if that person has achieved something in life or if liked something about them, then never feel shy to compliment them because complements make people happy.

5. Eye Contact-

Now, this is the most important Rule everyone should know about because eyes are the only thing that speaks without speaking a single word verbally. Let your eyes speak your personality. But for this, it is important to have a good Eye Contact because eye contact is a sign of self-confidence. Whenever you talk to any person, just keep in mind never look upward, downward, here and there, always make good eye contact with the person while you are talking.

6. Voice Tone-

Think, you are in an event and you meet a person who has a good personality and he dressed up well, But What, if he doesn't know How to talk and how to use voice tone, than Trust me all his Decorations are just waste. Just keep in mind, Always use soft voice while you are talking. Never use Harsh and Loud voice because it reflects a negative and bad side of a person, but if you talk in a soft voice, it always shows your humble and calm nature which is very good for your impression.

7. Listening Skill-

"A Good Listener is a Good Communicator". Guys as we all know that, to give a correct answer, we should know the correct question. The same thing applies to our lives as well. Always make sure that, if you are in a conversation with a person, Firstly Listen to what they have to say, Once they complete then say what you want to say. This shows two things about your personality, Humbleness, and Maturity.

8. Ending Conversation-

Never take Endings for granted because Good Endings creates a successful beginning. But the question is, How to End a Conversation on a good note?... Don't worry! I am here to help you out. You don't need to do those Long and boring formalities, Just keep one thing in mind, always be humble with the person with whom you are talking. At the Ending time of the conversation Thant that person for their time, tell them if you liked meeting them, etc. You should use this following thing at the end of your conversation which helps you to make the ending more nice and impressive and make that last few seconds of your impression worth.

* I appreciate your time sir/mam. (Formal talks)

* Have a nice day.

* It was a pleasure meeting you.

* Hope to meet you again.

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