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11 Most Expensive Heels in the world

Updated: Jul 27

11 Most Expensive Heels in the world

We have always underestimated shoes because they have always been a secondary item in our wardrobe shopping list But have you ever thought these shoes can cost you millions of dollars just equal or more than any developing country's GDP? Yes, you heard it right. these precious shoes and their whopping price will blow your mind. let's learn more about them.

11. The Wizard of Oz Original Ruby Slippers - $612 Million

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The Famous Ruby sleepers are the most precious shoes of all time. These shoes were worn by Judy Garland for her character of Dorothy Gale for a musical movie called "The Wizard of oz" in the year 1939. The shiny slippers were designed by the famous designer Gilbert Adrian. There are many fibers used in the slippers like wood pulp, silk thread, gelatin plastic, and glass, and the bow on the top is made of red glass.

There are alternative shoes that were also made for the film but one of the pairs was stolen from the museum in 2005 but later it was recovered in 2018. The original Ruby sleepers were bought for $612 million and the alternative one was put in an auction for $2 million, but nobody bid. The famous sleepers are now part of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

10. Retro Rose Pumps - $1 million

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These Retro Rose pumps were another creation by Stuart Weitzman. known as one of the best shoe designers in the world. As the name indicates, Retro Rose Pumps were designed in a classic 1940s popular style. Diablo Cody, a famous writer from Hollywood, wore these classic pumps at the Oscar's Red Carpet in 2008. The shoes were crafted with 1.800 Kwiat Diamonds. These pumps can grab attention with their beauty, elegance, and of course a price tag of $1 million.

9. Platinum Guild Stilettos- $1.09 million

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These Platinum Guild stilettos are the best combination of elegance and simplicity. These beautiful heels were designed with platinum fabric and decorated with 464 diamonds of the famous jeweler Kwiat. These Platinum Guild Stilettos are, definitely, one of the foremost elegant pairs of shoes within the planet, which were specially designed for Laura Harring for the Oscar's Red Carpet, With the price tag of $ 1,09 million. These shoes totally deserve to be in the top 10.

8. Ruby Slippers- $1.6 million

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This beautiful creation is inspired by "The wizard of oz original Ruby slippers". These stunning stilettos were crafted with a cherry red satin and have 642 Burmese Rubies placed in a round, oval-shaped on the straps. The delicate heels also contain the rarest metal platinum of about 123.33 carats. The best thing about these heels is that we can remove the gems and can use them as jewelry. These elegant heels were showcased at the luxurious Harrods, London, in the year 2003.

7. Tanzanite Heels- $2 million

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Tanzanite Heels are designed under an incredible collaboration of Stuart Weitzman and high-end jewelry designer Eddie Le Vian. These pairs are made with silver leather along with an ankle strap on top that looks like a necklace as it crowned with 185 carats of precious sky-blue Tanzanite gemstones along with a dangling 16-carat diamonds. While the front strap is crowned with 28 carats of diamonds. This sky blue gemstone makes these heels more attractive in look and makes it more precious as it cost around $2 million.

6. Cinderella Slippers- $2 million

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These heels are made by the famous Stuart Weitzman. These precious heels are made from Italian leather and the ankle and toe straps are made with 565 Kwiat diamonds. These heels also contain Amaretto Diamonds that alone cost about million dollars. Alison Krauss was the lucky lady to wear these cinderella slippers at the Oscars in the year 2004. These Stuart Weitzman's Cinderella Slippers costs around $ 2 million.

5. Rita Hayworth- $3 million

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These Heels were inspired by the late actress Rita Hayworth's Earings. Rita Hayworth was one of the foremost effective actresses and singers in the world. These heels were made With rust-colored satin. The Earing has rubies, Diamonds, and sapphires that are placed in the satin flower at the toe. These heels were made by none other than Stuart Weitzman. These Rita Hayworth heels cost around $ 3 Million.

Rita Hayworth Heels are a strong pair of shoes that were elegantly and divinely worn by Rita Hayworth, After that, her daughter inherited her fortune, and these $ 3 Million Rita Hayworth Heels are currently in use as a decoration item in her daughter Yasmin aga khan's house. She is so attached to her mother's shoes that if anyone wants to see the shoe, they have to take permission from Yasmin.

4. Ruby Slippers By Harry Winston- $3 million

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These shoes were designed by The famous jewelry designer Harry Winston in the year 1989. The purpose was to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the famous movie The Wizard of Oz. In the making of these shoes, about 4,600 rubies and 50 carats of Diamond were used. It took them 2 months to decorate the shoe with rubies. This Harry Winston version of Ruby Slippers is worth $3 million. They are one of the most expensive shoes in the world.

3. Debbie Wingham Heels- $15.1 million

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These Heels were designed by none other than Debbie Wingham who also holds the position for the world's most expensive cake and the world's most expensive black dress. This is the second most expensive heels in the world. These heels were made for an unknown millionaire client's daughter. This creation was a collaboration between Debbie and Chris Campbell, a contemporary artist based in Florida.

These Heels are made with a variety of the most costly and rarest gemstones within the globe, the Precious Pink and 1-carat Blue diamonds which alone cost about $ 128,000. The body of the shoes is of pure platinum while the plaques are pristine gold. the rest part of these shoes is made from leather painted with 24-carat gold paint.

2. The Passion Diamond Shoes- $17 million

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The Passion Diamond Shoes holds the position of the world's most expensive shoes. In the year 2018, These Diamond stilettos were introduced by Jada Dubai, a brand based in the United Arab Emirates along with Passion jewelers, and the first look was revealed at the world's only seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab.

The Passion Diamond Shoes are made up of real Gold and hundreds of Diamonds on it. The shoes have 2 round 15 Carat D-flawless Diamonds on the top and 118 small round-shape diamonds on the border of each shoe. The shoes are only a sample of what it'll appear as if anyone who desires to buy it. they're customized to suit client's demands.

1. Moon Star Shoes- $20 million

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The Moon Star shoes are the most expensive shoes present on the planet. These heels are designed by an Italian designer Antonio Vietri. The precious shoes are made from Gold, 30 carats of diamonds and it also includes the material of a meteoroid, which was found in Argentina in the year 1976.

Antonio gave a very interesting look to these shoes by adding the art of an iconic building Burj Khalifa's look to the heel the sandals. These most luxurious shoes were first showcased on the yacht at Dubai Marina with a whopping price of around $20 million.

So, It would not be wrong if we say, the cost of the above listing shoes can be compared with the GDP of any developing country?

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